Soccer club:

The AUPP Soccer Club promotes leadership, teamwork, and hard work, improving their training and skills through quality-tested drills and coaches v.s. Student competitions. The Club meets twice a week at the AUPP Sports Club.

Basketball club:

The AUPP Basketball Club strives to advance students’ fundamental basketball skills, build confidence and character, and develop leadership and teamwork skills. Practices include offensive and defensive drills, knowledge and rules of the game, and strength and conditioning. The club meets twice a week.

Dance club:

The AUPP Dance Club provides students with the opportunity to learn Khmer traditional dance and Korean dance techniques from a dance coach. The Club meets twice a week in the AUPP Basement.

Music Club:

The AUPP Music Club is a collaboration of students interested in learning to play music together, with the goal of performing as a band at AUPP student-led events. The club meets twice a week in the AUPP music room.

Baking Club:

The AUPP Baking Club combines innovation, creativity, and a passion for food with a warm sense of community. The Cooking Club learns to combine ingredients, techniques, and recipes to work together and create classic Western dishes. The club meets in the AUPP baking room.

Public speaking club:

The AUPP Public Speaking Club brings students together to exchange and discuss new ideas and opinions in a debate setting. The Club meets twice a week in a conference room at AUPP.

Badminton club

The AUPP Badminton Club promotes teamwork, physical skills, and friendly competitions. The club meets once a week and in an external sports complex.

Polyglot Club

The Polyglot club promotes the adventure of learning another language such as Spanish and Italian. Club members discover basic sentences and expressions to prepare conversations. Both classes go twice a week at AUPP.

Golf Club

The Golf Club allows students to practice a soft sport with specific techniques. This club meets once a week in the external sports complex.

Rugby club

The Rugby Club encourages students to get to know a new sport, to develop strength, leadership, and teamwork. The club meets at the AUPP sports club.

Korean Club

The Korean club encourages students to learn another Asian language but also discovering this culture. The club’s members work on the alphabet, basic sentences, music, habits, food, etc. The club meets once a week at AUPP.

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