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Class Attendance

Students need to be available for the university every working day from morning to late afternoon. Class schedules are subject to change and students should be available to attend at other times besides the times shown on the initial schedules. Students should not book other events outside the university during the normal working day. No student at AUPP should be registered at another university.

Students are expected to be in their seats at the beginning of the scheduled class time and remain in class until dismissed by the faculty member. Attendance is taken daily in every class.

When absences are due to situations beyond the control of the student, the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs (VPASA) will review the student’s record and may assign a grade of W rather than a grade of F. The VPASA will discuss the issue with the faculty member teaching the course prior to making such a decision.

AUPP students must seek pre-approved excused absences for official AUPP activities, approved service learning trips and field trips. If a student misses a class for any reason, they are expected to make up the work/assignments missed.