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Civil Engineering Professor from the University of Arizona visits AUPP

The American University of Phnom Penh (AUPP) is proud to announce the commencement of its newly established Civil Engineering program in collaboration with the University of Arizona (UA) from the United States. Students undertaking this program will have opportunity to learn from the expertise of the University of Arizona faculty, and gain skills through a U.S. program that mirrors the Accreditation Board for Engineering & Technology (ABET) accredited Civil Engineering program at the main UA campus.

Consolidating this partnership between the two prestigious universities, Mrs. Jennifer G. Duan, who is an Associate Professor of Civil Engineering in the University of Arizona visited AUPP on the 8th of August, 2017 and held a Civil Engineering speaker session at the AUPP campus.  Her field is hydraulic and sediment transport and she has experience teaching civil engineering and water resource for eleven years.

In this event she shared her background and experiences with prospective students and stated that she was really excited to bring her expertise to Cambodia, and looked forward to sharing her knowledge and skills with AUPP students in the collaboration program. She eagerly stated that the civil engineering classes will include a lot of interesting research projects where she wants students to be fully engaged and free to raise their questions. She also pointed out the three most significant skills that the program requires; math, physics, and computer skills.

Professor Jennifer G. Duan highly encourages prospective students to apply for the Civil Engineering program. She sees a developing country like Cambodia as a huge advantage for Cambodian students who major in Civil engineering due to the market employment where infrastructure is in such high demand. Prof. Jennifer Duan goes on and said that she strongly believes the students will be able to find high paying jobs in Cambodia as well as in the United States.

The Bachelor of Civil Engineering is a dual degree program offered by AUPP in collaboration with the University of Arizona. By studying the Civil Engineering program at AUPP students will gain access to well-equipped physical and computer laboratories, learn from the expertise of UA faculty and local and regional engineering firms and take courses in graphics, statics, mechanics of solids and fluids, surveying, design, transportation, water systems, and earth structures

Students also have access to the UA’s extensive library system, its student success and career services resources, and are given opportunities to learn collaboratively with other UA students in the US and abroad. All graduates of the AUPP/UA dual degree programs will be able to work locally, regionally, or internationally as well as pursue further education opportunities in the United States, Australia, Europe, and other parts of Asia.

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