Christopher Raymond

Christopher Raymond

Position: Associate Professor
Department: Business – Academic Affairs

    Dr. Christopher Raymond has worked as both a Financial analyst and as an Economist in private sector as well as academics, both teaching and in administration, in “permanent” full-time positions in five different countries.  Dr. Raymond has had a varied and fulfilling career that has been both challenging and satisfying.

    With respect to his career path, his values have changed considerably over time. For many years, he just wanted to try new things in new places. However, he eventually settled in southeast Asia. His focus now is on his students and his teaching. He deals with professional issues as they arise. In hindsight, He was lucky to have earned his post-graduate degrees at a young age, and to have been in a position to do so many things with his life.

    Dr. Raymond enjoys time alone with books or simply thinking. He also likes to keep his life simple. He does not use “social media”, and he don’t even own a so-called “smart” phone. For Dr. Raymond, it has been a great deal of satisfaction seeing AUPP students graduate and get on with their lives.

    • Ph.D. (Financial) Economics – University of California at Santa Barbara
    • M.B.A. International Business – Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées (France)

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