Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS)

The Center for Southeast Asian Studies at AUPP brings an innovative and interdisciplinary approach to the study of Southeast Asia at a time of rapid changes in the regional and geo-political landscape. In our complex world, never have global citizenship based on cross-cultural understanding been more important.

The Southeast Asian Studies Minor

Featuring CSEAS scholars from around the world as visiting professors at AUPP, the CSEAS Minor emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach to explore the pressing concerns of the region through arts and culture, economics, politics, law, and environmental studies.

The Research Hub

The center welcomes faculty, scholars, and graduate students to become affiliates to CSEAS at AUPP while undertaking independent research in Cambodia, and provides office space, access to academic resources and networks, and opportunities for public presentations. 

Academic Exchanges

Targeted to undergraduate students outside of Cambodia, CSEAS at AUPP can help to arrange for academic study at AUPP and semester, year-long or summer exchanges.


CSEAS at AUPP can assist in the design and delivery of academic study tours in Cambodia and throughout the region, ensuring study trips are of the highest academic quality and immersion experiences promote cross-cultural understanding. Faculty from visiting institutions can also contact the center about the use of AUPP’s state-of-the-art teaching facilities.

CSEAS Students Competed in the CFA Global Research Challenge

CSEAS students competed in the 2019-20 CFA Global Research Challenge. The competition is hosted by the Cambodian Community of Investment Professionals. The event is an annual global competition that provides students with mentoring and training in both financial analysis and professional ethics. The competition gives real-world experience to students who roleplay as financial research analysts. The competition measures analytical skills, business valuation, report writing, and presentation skills. The target company for analysis was the Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority which is listed on the Cambodian Stock Exchange (CSX) as PPWSA. AUPP had two teams participate and won the award for ‘best report’ and finished as 1st runner-up at the national level.

CSEAS Students Attended a Performance by Cambodia Living Arts in Phnom Penh

On November 21st, 2019 Cambodia Living Arts generously provided CSEAS students with tickets to see their production of “Bangsokol: A Requiem for Cambodia”. The students described the event as very moving, heartbreaking yet beautiful, and an insightful look into Cambodia’s cultural traditions surrounding burial. The performance marked the 4oth anniversary of the fall of the Khmer Rouge regime and commemorated the victims. The composition fused music (composed by Him Sophy), voice, movement, and visuals (arranged by filmmaker Rithy Panh) encapsulating nearly 20 years of work in the field of arts for transformation and healing.

CSEAS Hosted Indonesian University UPNVJ on the AUPP Campus in Phnom Penh

AUPP’s CSEAS hosted a university visit by the University Pembangunan National “Veteran” Jakarta (UPNVJ) from Indonesia. Students attended lectures on “Transitional Justice and Democracy in Cambodia and Indonesia” given by Dr. Sri Wahyuningroem and Dr. Jose Mora. UPNVJ students also delivered a presentation highlighting their recent activities involving public demonstrations to call attention to issues of climate change in Indonesia. After the formal talks, students broke into smaller groups to engage in international cultural exchange and to talk about the ideas raised in the presentations, university life, and to share their own experiences with each other.

CSEAS at the SESIA Biennial Conference in Taipei

AUPP’s CSEAS joined many other scholars in Taipei, Taiwan at the SEAsia biennial 2019 conference in Taipei, Taiwan. This was the 3rd biennial conference organized by the Consortium for Southeast Asian Studies which emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach to Southeast Asian Scholarship. It was attended by academics from around the world.  The overall theme of the conference was “Change and Resistance – Future Directions of Southeast Asia” and the  keynote speaker was Dr. Cheng-Hwa Tseng, a professor of archaeology at Academia Sinica in Taiwan, who described  physical evidence he unearthed a sites in Taiwan that show historical interactions between Taiwan and Southeast Asia. The conference hosted many presentations on a diverse set of topics ranging from inclusive economic growth, regional  cooperation, human rights, ethnicity and gender, and urbanization (among others). The 3 day conference provides a great opportunity for Southeast Asian scholars to get feedback about their academic work, netowrk with related scholars from other institutions, and see the newest developments in the respective fields of inquiry.

CSEAS at the 2nd Asia Pacific Summit in Phnom Penh

AUPP CSEAS students attended the second Asia Pacific summit at the Peace Palace in Phnom Penh.The event was hosted by the Universal Peace Federation and included talks by many prominent current and former political figures. The goal of the summit was to provide innovative solutions to many of the critical challenges of our time. Some of the challenges highlighted were poverty, food security, climate change, forced displacement, and natural disasters. The organizers and speakers emphasized the role of parliaments and civil society actors in achieving solutions beneficial to all actors in society. CSEAS students were also able to attend seminars that focused on more specific issues like economic development and human rights

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