Carlo Santoro

Carlo Santoro

Position: Associate Professor
Department: Architecture – Academic Affairs

    Carlo Santoro is an Associate Professor of Architecture, AUPP Ph.D. Architecture and Construction, University of Rome “Tor Vergata” Master’s Degree in Building Engineering, University of Rome “Tor Vergata”. He has 20 years of experience in the field of Architecture and Construction. He started his professional activity in Rome by taking part in the design of public facilities and conservation masterplans.

    In 2003 he moved to Asia, where he worked as researcher and architectural designer in China at the Zhongke Architectural design & Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Science (ADCAS) and at the Center of Scientific Studies on Cultural Heritage of Chinese Academy of Science (COSSOCH). He has carried out studies both on urban development and architectural heritage preservation of Beijing. He was also an executive architect for JGP Architecture (Singapore representative Office) in Shanghai mainly focused on housing design. He then became associate designer for Zeidler Partnership Architect (Canada’s representative office) in Beijing where he was involved in urban design and buildings for mixed-use developments in the most prominent cities of China.

    Continuing his research on Asian megacities he moved to Bangladesh and he joined North South University of Dhaka where he was appointed Assistant Professor. He has taught Aesthetics, Architectural Composition, Urban and Housing Design.

    Since 2017 he is in Cambodia at American University of Phnom Penh initially as an adjunct Assistant Professor teaching Architectural Design Composition. In the meantime, he was employed as Senior Design Manager at Archetype (Vietnam representative Office) coordinating the design activities of several international firms such as Aedas, P&T Group and David Grace Designs. In 2020, he became full-time associate professor at the American University of Phnom Penh teaching the Thesis preparation course and History and Theory of Contemporary and Modern Architecture, in addition to Planning and Urban Design Theory.

    Moreover, as a member of International Association “Jartrakor” on Psychology of Art and the scientific committee of the annual journal published by the same association, he is developing a new theory and advanced methods in architectural design and composition.

    As founder of Metaestetica multidisciplinary research laboratory, he conducted a series of experiments on participatory art at the Sarsus Art Center, Beijing 798 Art Zone and at the Kbach Art Space, Factory Phnom Penh. His works have been exhibited in various events dedicated to contemporary art, including those sponsored by Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome (MACRO).

    Among his several publications, he is the co-author of the book “Beijing, The New City”, published by Skira and Rizzoli-International New York. He was also foreign correspondent (China) for “Compasses” an architectural design magazine in Dubai.

    He has been able to expand his skills by adopting a “lifelong learning” attitude, which has led him to develop the significant part of researches on architectural design and to teach in renowned academic institutions.

    He claims that creative design thinking, supported by a full understanding of technical aspects and constant dialogue with multidisciplinary teams, has proved essential to him in dealing with projects that can take into account multiple components and engage with the full complexity of the urban design dimension.

    Furthermore, he considers that the in-depth study of the opportunities and constraints that each site offers, through its climate, context and culture, combined with a strategic vision of global and local market conditions, have been crucial support for his studies on megacities and for providing advice to leading international design firms.

    Restless traveler moved by a relentless knowledge of the most diverse cultures. Always ready to undertake any proposal that involves an aesthetic appreciation, open to traditional arts such as painting and sculpture up to innovations in computer coding or performing arts. An avid reader of essays, continuously seeking to explore the new frontiers of every scientific field from psychology, sociology, economics, physics to mathematics. Firm supporter of a lifestyle that does not transcend a healthy diet and daily commitment to sports, either by training in the gym or competing in tennis and football tournaments.

    • Ph.D. Architecture and Construction – University of Rome “Tor Vergata”
    • Master of Building Engineering – University of Rome “Tor Vergata”

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