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Back To School For AUPP’s Returning Students

Rushing to stuff their mouths with noodle soup before the clock strikes 8, returning students from AUPP are starting their Fall 2016 semester today. August 29th is the first day of instruction and many returning students are excited to see their favorite faculty as well as meet new instructors that have come to AUPP. While some students were eager to get back to school and see their friends and classmates, others were preparing themselves for another challenging yet invigorating year of education.

With the expansion of AUPP’s Dual Degree Program with its American Partner Universities, most students are excited to finish off their general education so that they can make their mind up about which major of study to pursue. Starting this Fall Semester, AUPP will offer 8 new majors in addition to its original 4. More detailed information about these new majors will be released shortly at the beginning of September. The older students who are already in their selected major courses are excited about the new job prospects that their AUPP degree will offer as well as possibilities of doing Master Degrees. It is also an exciting year for our senior students as they will be AUPP’s first graduates and will set a significant milestone for themselves as well as for AUPP.

We want to wish all our returning students the best of luck in their academic goals for the coming year and we look forward to seeing you all around the hallways.

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