Admission Process

Admission Process

Before starting the application to American University of Phnom Penh, please check out our Admissions Criteria for eligibility. Then you can get started with the online application and take the following steps:


Pay the $35 application fee


Schedule or waive the English Placement Test


Collect & Submit all required documents

Step 1:

Pay application fee: $35

Pay in cash at the finance office (AUPP, Room: A6)
Or complete a bank transfer. You will receive clear instructions upon submitting your online application

Step 2:

To schedule the test and learn about the EPT, go to our EPT information page.
The EPT may be waived. Please check the criteria page for more information.
If the EPT is waived, you are required to submit an Elevator Pitch Video. Please check the criteria page for more information.

Step 3:

If you did not submit required documents per the criteria page at the time of application, please send them via email or Telegram contact number below.

Once your application is complete (online application, English proficiency, and documentation received satisfy our requirements), you will receive an admission offer via email. Take the following steps to ensure a successful AUPP experience:

  1. Accept the Offer
  2. Wait for course registration and tuition invoice
  3. Pay tuition
  4. Join orientation day and attend your first lesson as the first step to success!

If you have any questions about our admission process, please contact us via the contact information below:

Office of Admissions

AUPP Campus: Room A8 (Reception Area)

Call, Text, and Telegram: 012 266 631

Email: [email protected]