Bachelor of Science in Information and Communications Technology

Program Description

This is a single degree leading to an AUPP Bachelor of Science in Information and Communications Technology. The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) program is designed to develop graduates with the ability to manage and lead the computer-based information systems. The program aligns the capabilities of information technology to business analysis and communications. Students are encouraged to sharpen their skills in Network Infrastructure and Security, Telecom, Data Science, Software Engineering, and Management Information System.

Students enhance their critical thinking, problem solving, and analytical skills with knowledge of management principles. The program is a balance of technology, management, communications, and the liberal arts.

Career Opportunities

Students will be equipped with the necessary knowledge, real-life experience, and skills to be entrepreneurs in today’s influential industries including Telecommunications, Network, and IT. Graduates are well-prepared to enter technology related careers, such as, network designer and administrator, core network engineer, radio engineer, system administrator, cyber security engineer/administrator, software developer, database administrator, web designer/developer, mobile develop, IT project manager, and Data scientist.

Bachelor of Science, Information and Communications Technology

Program StructureRequired Total Credits (123)
General Education 31
Core Major 62
Specialization Electives 30

General Education Courses (Required: 31 credits)

Students select courses from the list of General Education (Foundation) requirement section of the Catalog.

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Core Major (Required 62 Credits)

Specialization Electives (Required: 30 credits)

Student will take 10 elective courses from one of the specialization available for ICT major.

Graduation Requirements:

Students must have 2.00 GPA in all coursework and meet the required total credits.