Bachelor of Science, Business (Single Degree Program)

Single degree students complete 125 credits to graduate. Students who take Minor will complete at 128 credits. A minimum CGPA of 2.0 in the program is required for successful completion of the Bachelor of Science, Business.

Business Foundation Courses (Required: 31 credits)

Single degree students must complete the following Business Foundations courses before taking the Business Major courses and minor or electives.

Major Courses (Required: 39 credits)

Major Elective Courses (Required: 12 credits)

Elective Courses (Required: 12 credits)

The students can choose upper division courses outside of core or major requirements that sounds interesting to you. Some courses require the student to complete the pre-requisite course. AUPP normally counts some of the courses a dual degree student takes with the partner university as fulfilling the elective requirement.

General Education Courses (Required: 31 credits)

Refer to the list of General Education courses and Degree Audit.

*INTS 400: Students must complete 84 credits before starting the internship. Internship requires a minimum of one hundred and sixty (160) hours of workplace experience.