Bachelor of Science, Business Administration (Dual Degree Program)

Dual degree students complete 125 credits to graduate. Dual degree students will have restrictions on which courses they can take which meet the minor or electives category.

Business Foundation Courses (Required: 31 credits)

Dual degree students must complete the following Business Foundations courses and meet the UA’s CGPA requirement to apply for admission to UA. Students must obtain at least a “C” grade in courses taught by UA and AUPP.

Major Courses (Required: 54 credits)

General Elective Courses approved by UA (Required: 9 credits)

Refer to Degree Audit for the intake year.

General Education Courses (Required: 31 credits)

Refer to the list of General Education courses and Degree Audit.

*INTS 400: Students must complete 84 credits before starting the internship. Internship requires a minimum of one hundred and sixty (160) hours of workplace experience.