Bachelor of Science in

Program Description

Students may choose to either follow the AUPP single degree track, or the dual degree program with the University of Arizona (UA). The UA award is Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. 

The Business program prepares graduates for success in the world of business, whether in Cambodia, Southeast Asia, or beyond.  Business education and the successful pursuit of a business career requires graduates to understand basic economic concepts and mathematical relationships, while at the same time being analytical and able to communicate ideas effectively through written and verbal communications.

Students enrolled in Business develop core competencies in each of the functional areas of business – marketing, finance, accounting and management – in order to understand the interrelationships among these functional areas and how these relationships can impact the operation and value of an organization.

Concepts from coursework in General Education contribute to students’ preparation for a business career by enhancing understanding of the world today and how people think and act in the global marketplace. The professional program in Business focuses on the common body of knowledge in business.

Preparation for a career in today’s world requires that graduates have a broad-based education and know how to both learn and appreciate the importance of life-long learning. Building on an understanding of the basic underpinnings of business operations, graduates are able to grasp new ideas, think analytically, communicate effectively, adapt to change, work as a member of a team value cultural differences, develop strong ethical values and develop respect for the environment in order to work effectively in the environment in which organizations operate.

Career Opportunities

The job opportunities with a degree in business are open-ended. A typical graduate will find abroad spectrum of career opportunities in the public (governmental) or private sector; working for large or small firms; local, national, or multi-national organizations; entrepreneurial ventures; family businesses, or large publicly held enterprises. Regardless of the sector of the economy, business skills are necessary and opportunities for business graduates abound. Job titles vary greatly. Further, over time, career opportunities shift as new technologies are developed and new markets created. typical graduate today is likely to pursue any number of different opportunities over the course of a career.

Bachelor of Science, Business

This is a dual degree program with the University of Arizona (UA).  The UA award is Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

Program Structure Required Total Credits (125)
General Education 61
Business Major & Electives 64

General Education Courses (Required: 61 credits)

Students select courses from the list of General Education courses under the General Education Requirement section of the Catalogue.  

Click here for more information about the General Education courses

Business Major and Elective Courses (Required: 64 credits)

Business Foundation Courses

Dual degree students must complete the following Business Foundations courses and meet the UA GPA requirement to apply for admission to UA.  These courses are counted as Major courses for the AUPP single degree.

The following General Education courses are counted by our partner institution as Business Foundation courses:

Minor or Elective (Required 15 Credits)

Single degree students should do a Minor.

Dual degree students will have restrictions on which courses they can take which meet the electives category.  AUPP normally counts some of the courses a dual degree student takes with the partner university as fulfilling the elective requirement.