Bachelor of Science in Tourism and Hospitality Management (Teach Out)

Program Description

IMPORTANT NOTICE: AUPP is not accepting new applicants for the Tourism and Hospitality Management program.

This is a dual degree only program with Fort Hays State University (FHSU). The FHSU award is Bachelor of Business Administration in Tourism and Hospitality Management.

This program is focused on preparing students to work in an economic sector of vital importance to Cambodia and of growing importance in Southeast Asia and the rest of the world, too. Graduates will be well-positioned to take managerial roles in the hotel and tourism industries either in the government or private sector and to start their own businesses. The program will prepare students with general business knowledge and skills and, in addition, the specific skills and knowledge that are essential to managers in most sectors of the modern tourism and hospitality industry.

Business education for any economic sector and the successful pursuit of a business career requires graduates to understand basic economic concepts and mathematical relationships, while at the same time being analytical and able to communicate ideas effectively through written and verbal communications. Students in the THM program will take both generic Business courses and General Education courses which will equip them with these skills.

Students enrolled in Tourism and Hospitality Management will be taking a Business degree and thus develop core competencies in each of the functional areas of business – marketing, finance, accounting and management – in order to understand the inter-relationships among these functional areas and how these relationships can impact the operation and value of an organization within the Tourism and Hospitality economic sector.

Concepts from coursework in General Education will contribute to students’ preparation for a career in tourism and hospitality by enhancing understanding of the world today and how people think and act in the global marketplace. The professional program in Tourism and Hospitality Management focuses on the common body of knowledge in the Tourism and Hospitality sector. Preparation for a career in today’s world requires that graduates have a broad-based education and know how to both learn and appreciate the importance of life-long learning. Building on an understanding of the basic underpinnings of business operations, graduates are able to grasp new ideas, think analytically, communicate effectively, adapt to change, work as a member of a team, value cultural differences, develop strong ethical values and develop respect for the environment in order to work effectively in the environment in which organizations operate.

Career Opportunities

Tourism and Hospitality Managers are responsible for ensuring the smooth operations of the travel, hotel, tourist and other hospitality business operations to the satisfaction of their customers whilst complying with health, safety, environmental and other regulations and meeting high ethical standards and ensuring good returns on investment for the business owners.

Graduates find work in government, large scale companies such as hotel chains, and smaller business operations. They may well start their own business within the tourism and hospitality sector for which opportunities abound in Cambodia.

Bachelor of Science, Tourism and Hospitality Management

This is a dual degree program with Fort Hays State University (FHSU). The FHSU award is Bachelor of Business Administration in Tourism and Hospitality Management.

Program Structure Required Total Credits (124)
General Education 64
Major 33
Business Core 27

General Education Courses (Required: 64 credits)

Students select courses from the list of General Education Courses under General Education Requirement section of the Catalogue.

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General Education Courses:

Select two of the following:

Tourism and Hospitality Management Major Core Courses (Required: 33 credits)

Tourism and Hospitality Management Business Core Courses (Required: 27 credits)

Note: Fort Hays graduation requirement requires students to complete at least 45 credit hours of upper division courses. (300-level or higher).

Course Equivalencies with Partner University