Bachelor of Science in Tourism and Hospitality Management (Teach Out)

Program Description

IMPORTANT NOTICE: AUPP is not accepting new applicants for the Tourism and Hospitality Management program.

THM is a dual degree program with Fort Hays State University (FHSU) in the USA. There is no single degree THM option. The FHSU degree is a Bachelor of Business Administration. Graduates receive two types of degrees from two universities on two continents.

THM prepares students for success in multiple sectors of one of the world’s largest industries, with one in ten people worldwide working in tourism and hospitality positions. The tourism and hospitality industry is Cambodia’s largest service industry, contributing more than 20% of GDP. Billions of dollars of THM infrastructure and facility investment have been committed by government agencies, multi-national corporations, and local companies to satisfy future THM demand in Cambodia.

THM majors at AUPP take:

  • General Education courses which help make each student a well-rounded person and citizen of the world.
  • THM courses which introduce a variety of interesting topics and many exciting career paths. THM courses are taught on-campus by AUPP THM professors and online by FHSU THM professors.
  • Business courses which provide the necessary skills and core competencies to succeed in a highly competitive international environment.

Career Opportunities

THM graduates are expected to become managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs in hotels, resorts, attractions, tour companies, airlines, cruise lines, event management, restaurants, NGOs, government agencies, and international tourism organizations. During their careers, many THM professionals work in several of these areas, which are interconnected, to create enjoyable tourism experiences for business and pleasure travelers. THM graduates are also recruited by many other industries due to their exceptional soft skills and ability to understand the world and function well on an international level.

Bachelor of Science, Tourism and Hospitality Management

This is a dual degree program with Fort Hays State University (FHSU). The FHSU award is Bachelor of Business Administration in Tourism and Hospitality Management.

Program StructureRequired Total Credits (124)
General Education64
Business Core27

General Education Courses (Required: 64 credits)

Students select courses from the list of General Education Courses under General Education Requirement section of the Catalogue.

Click here for more information about the General Education courses

General Education Courses:

Select two of the following:

Tourism and Hospitality Management Major Core Courses (Required: 33 credits)

Tourism and Hospitality Management Business Core Courses (Required: 27 credits)

Note: Fort Hays graduation requirement requires students to complete at least 45 credit hours of upper division courses. (300-level or higher).

Course Equivalencies with Partner University