Bachelor of Arts in Law

Program Description

AUPP offers a Bachelor of Arts in Law degree as a single (AUPP) degree or a dual degree, in partnership with the University of Arizona (UA). Graduates of the dual degree program receive two degrees, one from AUPP and one from UA. 

Law is a demanding career in which the ability to analyze information and provide solutions to clients is critical to success. The Law Program at AUPP is designed to help students develop legal analysis, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills that will equip them for careers not only in the legal profession, but also in business, government, and other professions. 

AUPP’s Law Program is grounded in ethics and provides a wide range of courses in the areas of substantive law such as business law, contracts, criminal law, intellectual property,  international law, etc. In addition, many law courses help students develop important skills in legal analysis, research, writing, and negotiation. Courses focus on Cambodian law, United States law, Comparative law, and International law. Law majors also have the opportunity to practice skills that they have learned in internships with law firms, government ministries, and other organizations. 

Career & Graduate Study Opportunities

AUPP’s law program prepares graduates for success in careers in law firms, legal departments of businesses, non-profit organizations, international organizations, and government. AUPP law graduates are employed by law firms in Cambodia and the United States as well as with the Cambodian government (e.g., in the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, and the Council of Ministers). In addition, some graduates have become entrepreneurs, starting and managing various businesses. 

In addition, graduates are well prepared for pursuing graduate degrees such as Masters of Law (LLM) and Juris Doctorate (J.D.) degrees. Graduates of AUPP’s dual degree program have some advantages if they choose to pursue an LLM or J.D. at the University of Arizona, but are also well prepared for graduate law study internationally. For example, AUPP law graduates have been admitted to graduate law programs with prestigious universities such as Boston University, Georgetown University, University of Arizona, and the University of London.

Bachelor of Arts, Law

Single Degree Track

Program StructureTotal Credits (124)
General Education61
Major & Major Electives (or Minor for Single Degree)63

General Education Courses (Required: 61 credits)

Student take General Education courses required by AUPP, the Cambodian Ministry of Education, and the University of Arizona (for dual degree). LEGL 101, and POLS 110 are required General Education courses for the dual degree law major which must be completed in the first year. Students are required to have completed LEGL 101 and LEGL 199 before starting other law major courses.

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Major Courses (63 credits)

Major Courses: Single & Dual Degree (Required: 30 credits)

Note: For students in the Single Degree. LEGL 201 Legal Research & Writing (3 credits) is also required.

Major Courses: Dual Degree (Required: 30 credits; University of Arizona Courses)

Note: Some of the courses above may vary according to UA offerings.

Major Electives (3 credits for dual degree; 18-33 credits for single degree)

Note: Addition law majors electives may be offered.

Minor (Required: 15 credits)

Single degree law majors may have the option to get a Minor (e.g., Southeast Asian Studies, Economics) in place of 5 law elective courses.