Bachelor of Arts in

Program Description

Law is a demanding career in which the ability to analyze information and provide solutions to clients is critical to success. The Law Program at AUPP is grounded in ethics and provides a wide range of courses. The program includes courses in various types of law such as business law, contracts, criminal law, and international law as well as courses that help students develop important skills in legal analysis, negotiation, research and writing.  The program includes specific courses on Cambodian, ASEAN and International Law. In addition, students have the opportunity to practice what they learn in internships.

Career Opportunities

The Bachelor of Arts in Law program prepares graduates for success in careers in private firms, legal departments, NGOs, IGOs or government. Students enrolled in the B.A., Law program are expected to develop core competencies in the areas of knowledge, analysis, cultural sensitivity, and professionalism.

Program Outcomes

Graduates from the American University of Phnom Penh with a Bachelor of Arts in Law degree will be able to demonstrate the attributes of effective, responsible lawyers and have achieved the following learning outcomes:

LPO 1: Knowledge

Knowledge and understanding of various areas of substantive law, the Cambodian legal system, as well as a comparative perspective of substantive areas of law and legal systems.

LPO 2: Critical Thinking

Ability to: (a) identify, analyze and explain legal issues; (b) perform legal research and apply legal reasoning to propose solutions to legal issues.

LPO 3: Research Skills

Demonstrate skills needed to identify, research, and evaluate factual, legal and policy issues.

LPO 4: Communication

Communicate effectively (orally and in writing) and apply legal knowledge and skills to make persuasive arguments.

LPO 5: Ethics and Professional Responsibility

Demonstrate the ability to recognize, analyze and respond to ethical and professional issues that commonly arise in the legal field in Cambodia and internationally.

Bachelor of Arts, Law

This is a dual degree program with the University of Arizona (UA).  The UA award is Bachelor of Arts in Law.

Program Structure Required Total Credits (124)
General Education 61
Law Major 63

General Education Courses (Required: 61 credits)

Students select courses from the list of General Education courses under General Education Requirement section of the Catalogue.    LEGL 101, POLS 110 and HUMN 250 are required General Education courses for Law major.  Students are required to have completed LEGL 101 before starting Law major courses.

Law Major Courses (Required: 63 credits)

Course Code Course Name Credit Pre-requisite
LEGL 199 English for Legal Purposes 3
LEGL 261 Cambodian Civil Code I 3 LEGL 101, LEGL 199
LEGL 310 Legal Ethics 3 LEGL 101, LEGL 199
LEGL 332 Cambodian Criminal Law and Procedure 3 LEGL 101, LEGL 199
LEGL 340 Labor Law 3 LEGL 101, LEGL 199
LEGL 360 Southeast Asia Law and Legal Systems 3 LEGL 101, LEGL 199
LEGL 361 Cambodian Civil Code II 3 LEGL 101, LEGL 199, LEGL 261
LEGL 415 Commercial Enterprises 3 LEGL 101, LEGL 199
LEGL 435 International Law 3 LEGL 101, LEGL 199
LEGL 450 Intellectual Property 3 LEGL 101, LEGL 199
LAW 401 Procedure 3
LAW 402A The American Common Law System I 3
LAW 402B The American Common Law System II 3
LAW 404 The American Public Law System 3
LAW 407 Legal Analysis, Writing and Research 3
LAW 416 Introduction to Business Organization 3
LAW 440A International Human Rights Law 3
LAW 444B International Commercial Transactions 3
LAW 498L Introduction to International Trade Law 3
LAW 454 Environmental Law and Policy 3
INTS 400 Internship 3 Completion of 84 credits
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