Bachelor of Arts in Global Affairs

Program Description

This is a single degree leading to an AUPP Bachelor of Arts in Global Affairs. The mission of the program is to prepare students for global leadership and service and to train the next generation of policy leaders to tackle the complex issues of a globalized world. It is intended for individuals who want to be policymakers at the national, regional, and local government agencies, international organizations, non-governmental organizations and multi-national corporations.

The Global Affairs program provides students an understanding of current challenges in the Southeast Asian and around the world. The program fosters critical thinking by using problem-centered teaching to create evidence-based solutions. The program provides an opportunity to study crucial contemporary issues–conflict among and within nations, democratization, economic and political globalization, regional conflicts and the emerging importance of non-state actors; as well as analysis and design of foreign and domestic policies in development and security matters.

Career Opportunities

The Global Affairs Program offers a solid foundation for entering the work force or for graduate studies. The program prepares students for career opportunities with organizations, consulting firms or government agencies dealing with foreign affairs, international security, and the international economy. The program also provides preparation for graduate study in specialized fields such as public policy, security or international relations.

Bachelor of Arts, Global Affairs

Program Structure Required Total Credits (124)
General Education 61
Global Affairs Major Core 30
Global Affairs Major Electives 18
Minor / Electives 15

General Education Courses (Required: 61 credits)

Students select courses from the list of General Education Requirement in the Catalog. Global Affairs major students should have completed GBLA 101, LEGL 101, POLS 110 before starting courses in their major.

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Core Courses (Required 30 Credits)

Major Electives Courses (Required 18 Credits)


2, 3, 5, 6 Credits earned in GBLA 320, GBLA 370, and GBLA 431 and SEAS 495 may not be double counted towards credits for the Minor in Southeast Asian Studies.

1,4 Credits earned in LEGL 380 and LEGL 440 may not be double counted towards credits for the Minor in Law.

Minor / Elective Courses (Required 15 Credits)

Students complete a Minor or 15 units of Elective courses which may be taken in any combination.
Students who complete the following courses are considered to have completed a Minor in Southeast Asian Studies.