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AUPP’s Professor at the Prestigious World Intellectual Property Day Forum 2017

On April 25, 2017, the U.S. Embassy in Phnom Penh and Westec Media Ltd. had organized a forum to celebrate the World Intellectual Property Day in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The forum’s theme was “Innovation- Improving Lives.” The panel was about Intellectual Property’s economic impact – how intellectual property can help support the arts, culture and businesses. The panelists for this forum were selected to represent Cambodia’s entertainment and technology industries, government officials, and other key IPR stakeholders. Dr.David Moser, J.D., anAssociate Professor at theAmerican University of Phnom Penh was invited to be on a panel of the forum.The topics of the panel discussions were “Intellectual Property’s Impact across Sectors” and “IPR Enforcement, Resources, and Best Practices.”

Dr. Moser’s comments were based on his previous experience as an entertainment attorney in Nashville, Tennessee and about how intellectual property can be crucial in developing the infrastructure necessary for entertainment and technology industries. He also highlighted on Cambodia’s potential to develop such industries which similarly depended on its willingness to encourage creators and businesses that rely on intellectual property.

At the American University of Phnom Penh, we aim to contribute to the human resource development of Cambodia. The university was grounded on principles of having a highly qualified faculty with terminal degrees from U.S. and other international educational institutions. Our faculties have been trained in interactive and collaborative pedagogy that engage students in their own learning, thus making learning more useful and meaningful to them. Ninety percent of our faculty holds Ph.D.’s from American and other international schools with university-level teaching experiences.

With highly qualified and passionate professors like Dr. Moser, the faculties at AUPP aspire to contribute to the academic development of the students and society, and are committed to help student discover their talents, strengthen their abilities, and become confident leaders. Indubitable in their commitment, the AUPP faculties serve as academic advisers who help students grow, learn, and inspire them to be the future innovators and leaders of tomorrow.

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