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AUPP Faculty Sponsored Full Tuition Scholarship Winners Announced

AUPP is happy to announce the winners of the faculty sponsored Full Tuition Scholarships. Congratulations to Mr. Chhay MengLeng and Mr. Ou VathanakRaksmey. Both students were awarded their scholarship certificates today, October 14th, 2016 in a brief assembly at AUPP’s Center for Student Involvement. The recipients were awarded scholarships  by AUPP’s faculty based on the students’ National High School Exam scores, their academic interests as well as their financial need for support. Mr. Chhay MengLeng was awarded a full tuition scholarship to study in the Global Affairs major while Mr. Ou VathanakRaksmey was awarded a full tuition scholarship to study in the Law major. These two exceptional students will be able to study all four academic years at AUPP while their tuition will be covered by AUPP’s generous faculty members.

The two new students were able to start attending their classes this week and join the AUPP community. Within a few short weeks they will no longer feel like new students but be a part of an involved and dynamic student body. Upon graduation, the scholarship recipients will be able to receive dual bachelor degrees within their selected fields in partnership with the University of Arizona in the United States.

The assembly also included an introduction by AUPP’s President, speeches from the AUPP Faculty regarding attendance, being involved in extra-curricular activities, academic honesty and good study habits.

We are not only proud of the incredibly clever students that can join us at AUPP but also inspired by the generosity and kindness of the AUPP faculty members. Many universities offer scholarships, but it is almost unheard of for the faculty to sponsor a student’s education at their own cost, especially for all four years. For that, we are very thankful to our faculty for having kind hearts and for willing to make an even greater contribution to the Cambodian society.

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