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AUPP Welcome Back Cocktail Party

AUPP Welcome Back Cocktail party was an evening to welcome back students for the new fall semester.  This gave them the opportunity to interact with new and returning faculty in a casual setting and get to know one and other better over drinks and snacks.  A great way to start the new school year by interacting with friends and classmates.  With an exquisite arrangement of food and beverages available (including hamburgers, spring rolls, and pigs in a blanket), an electric atmosphere on the enchanting AUPP patio, and music provided by an AUPP student; everyone had a wonderful time dancing and chatting.  The beginning of a new semester can be a stressful and busy time.

There is so much to do and, in many situations, there is little time to get around to social activities.  Clearly the pressure on everyone starts right as classes begin.  Yet, having a way to unwind and decompress allows everybody involved to ease into new responsibilities and establish relationships heading into the future, a key competent to student success.  Inevitably, students settle into their class schedule, but the chance to unwind at school is certainly an invigorating experience.  Being able to relax in the evening is a part of what student life is all about and is encouraged as a part of their development.  We are glad to see people attend and that they enjoyed the evening’s festivities.  The goal is to get everyone involved as much as possible and to be able to facilitate that is an excellent ice breaker.  AUPP looks forward to providing the best environment possible to correlate to promoting the highest quality of students.

In this fashion hosting events of the same caliber is paramount.  We hope to see an even better turnout at the next event and being able to sustain the development of students into young adults.  Best of luck to all students this year!

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