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AUPP Students Finish Student Government Training in Washington DC

Finishing their student government training, AUPP’s students returned from their trip in the US Capitol. We asked them a few questions about their time in Washington DC.

How did u get involved with American SGA?
Dr. Billie gave us the idea so we could get more involved with American student government so that we could have a more broad idea about serving our students and see what other student governments are doing on their campuses

What was the purpose of your trip?
To learn about common issue that student government face. Learning strategies on running effective student government and proper representation to meet the students’ needs. Learn how to work with the university management in a harmonious manner while still attending to the student bodies best interests.

How many universities were there?
Around 100, but only 2 were from abroad. An Egyptian university and our AUPP student government.

What is the best piece of knowledge you got out from your trip?

  • Representation should not be based on class or majors but on representing student interests at large.
  • Training incoming student government officers in order for them to learn about the responsibilities of their roles and develop skills.
  • Proper ways of communicating between student government members as well as the university.

What was the most memorable moment from the conference?
Going into an advisors session with student affairs academic professionals, getting to meet some of them and being able to learn how to build student leaders and support them in fulfilling their duties.

What else did you do while in the US?
Went around DC and saw all the monuments as well the White House, Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.

What was the most memorably moment from entire trip?
Being able to travel to the US  and also going to the supreme court for the Samsung vs Apple case.

What shocked you the most?
The cold weather as well as the massive and complicated metro system in Washington DC.

What will Student Government do now that they’ve returned from DC?
Organize a meeting between all student government members and relate all our newly learned information. Develop an action plan for how to implement all the newly learned skills and put them forward.

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