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AUPP Students Contribute To Koh Andeth Island Community

During a recent trip to Koh Kong Province, our students were fascinated by the nice views of Ta Tai Waterfall and Cardamom Mountains. But AUPP students were more so excited to have the chance to meet students, teachers and staff from Oudong Foundation on Koh Andeth, Koh Kong Province

The staff and students from Koh Andeth school gave our students a warm welcome into their academic environment. It was a very special experience for our students to talk to Koh Andeth pupils, find out about their education, life on the island and their aspirations.
AUPP students handed out gifts, and stationary to students, teachers and staff on Koh Andeth Island.

It was a pleasant experience for both AUPP and the locals of Koh Andeth to get to know each other and spend some time talking about good study habits and the importance of chasing after academic goals and dreams. Our students were happy to visit this remote community and donate some of their time and educational material.

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