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AUPP Students Complete Internship Program

AUPP has designed an Internship Program to provide a quality experience for AUPP students before they graduate and join the work force. Through these internships, students gain on-the-job experiences and opportunities to apply knowledge, skills, and professional behaviors attained through their academic program. Additionally, internships enhance student development and professional growth while widening students’ understanding of the labor market and career options. 

Recently, some of our senior students completed their Internships at well renowned companies and organizations through out Cambodia and abroad. Some of these include the ASEAN Secretariat Raffles Hotel, HR Inc, Sok Siphana and Associates, DFDL, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung,  and many others domestically and based in other countries.

Our students really enjoyed their time as interns and were glad to have the opportunity to experience working in a professional setting before they graduate from AUPP in one year’s time. “It feels great to be treated as a valuable person who plays a role in the community and is given important tasks to do. I had to manage social media, graphic design, crafting a number of reports, interacting with guests, handling media arrivals, etc. This internship is gonna be one of those moments in life that I’ll never forget.” Said senior student Thyka. Her time interning echos the experiences shared by the other students who felt like they had a clearer understanding of the path they want to take in their professional life after graduation. Another student intern Ellen, said of Raffles that through her work there she “found her passion”

Employer stated they would rehire our interns and thought they became valuable members of the team quite quickly and were exceptional in their work ethic and knowledge. We wish all our current students success in the pursuit of their academic and professional dreams and AUPP is here to help you achieve them. Through service learning, internships and career development, AUPP facilitates an environment where students will be ready to enter the international job market with a competitive advantage.

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