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AUPP Students Celebrate Spirit Week

Thursday October 23, 2014. A visitor to the AUPP campus today would be greeted by an unusual sight: students, professors, and staff on campus wearing pajamas. No, the university community did not have a slumber party; today is Pajama Day, part of AUPP’s annual Spirit Week.

“The purpose of Spirit Week is for everyone to have a sense of community,” said student Kakanika Lin, President of the AUPP Events Club, one of AUPP’s student organizations. “It’s also a chance for students to show their school spirit.”

Spirit Week began on Monday with Traditional Day, an opportunity to celebrate traditional clothing and accessories. Tuesday was Crazy Hair Day, with students sporting innovative and unusual hairstyles (and even a few professors and staff wearing outrageous wigs.) Sports Day was on Wednesday; members of the AUPP community wore clothing celebrating their favorite sports or teams. Spirit Week ends on Friday with AUPP Colors Day, a chance to show school spirit by wearing read, white, and blue.

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