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AUPP Students are as Good as those Studying in US, says US Veteran Professor

An American, veteran professor, who has spent more than fifty years teaching and educating students in the United States, said he was very impressed with the performance and commitment of the students studying at American University of Phnom Penh (AUPP).

Dr. William Heidcamp said, “I have had more than fifty years of teaching university students in the United States and in other countries and the AUPP students are as good as any I have ever met, and they work harder than most.”

After working for nearly a year at AUPP, Dr. Heidcamp is returning to his home in Minnesota.  He said he was proud of the way AUPP gives the highest priority to each student’s education.

“AUPP personnel, in particular, are dedicated to the education and success of the students and work tirelessly and loyally for the benefit of those students,” he emphasized.

Dr. Heidcamp anticipates that AUPP’s students will become successful and play a crucial role nationally, regionally and globally.

“I fully expect our students to become leaders, in every sense of the word, by combining traditional culture with the global perspective in their curriculum,” he said.

He added that AUPP was unique in terms of curriculum and the fact that it is an American education university in Cambodia.  He said the University is the best in Cambodia and is unique in helping keep the traditional culture of Cambodia while instilling a sense of social responsibility.

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