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AUPP Student Christmas Party

With classes over for the Fall Semester 2014, students and faculty gathered on Friday December for an end-of-semester celebration and American-style Christmas party.

Dr. Margaret Hartman, outgoing Interim Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, welcomed students to the event and spoke about the traditions of Christmas by many Americans. Her comments were interrupted, though,  by the arrival of Santa Claus  bearing gifts of candy for the students.

Next on the agenda was a Christmas-themed quiz, with Dr. Betsy Craig posing questions ranging from the names of Santa’s reindeer to the author of the novel A Christmas Carol. The winning team of Bun Hong Taing, Yutt Chan, and Vuth Sar received both the coveted Santa Claus Award (see photograph) and the right to put together the questions for 2015 Christmas Party Contest.

After the quiz, students, faculty, and administrators shared cake and drinks before students headed home for a weekend of study in preparation for their end-of-semester exams.

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