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AUPP Law and ICT Student Attended ASEAN Model Meeting in Jakarta

AUPP students Sirimongkul Heng (Law) and Thay Rithrithyvong (ICT) attended the ASEAN Foundation Model ASEAN Meeting Plus Japan 2023 in Jakarta, Indonesia. This youth diplomacy simulation, co-organized by the ASEAN-Japan Centre and ASEAN Foundation, reflects the mutual interests of both ASEAN and Japan under the theme of the 50th year of ASEAN-Japan Friendship.

In their roles as delegates, Sirimongkul assumed the position of Prime Minister of Japan and Senior Official in the ASEAN Political-Security Community, while Thay Rithrithyvong played the role of Prime Minister of Vietnam and Senior Official of the ASEAN Political-Security Community.

Their commitment led to significant achievements. Sirimongkul and fellow delegate Riestario Kurnia Thodiansyah received the Best Position Paper in the ASEAN Political-Security Community. Additionally, Sirimongkul was honored with the Diplomacy Award for Head of Government of Japan for their exceptional representation.

Both express deep gratitude to their delegations, fellow delegates, trainers, organizers, and stakeholders for making this experience possible. They acknowledge the significance of connecting with delegates from other ASEAN countries and Japan, emphasizing how enriching and phenomenal this experience has been in shaping their early adulthood.

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