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AUPP Spirit Week

Yesterday, AUPP’s Students kicked off AUPP Spirit Week with University Colors Day. Students wore a combination of Red, White, and Blue to show support for AUPP. Most students chose to wear AUPP polo shirts that features the University Logo.

Students were also given the opportunity to meet their representatives in the AUPP Student Council. Some positions in the Council are still empty, so  candidates gave speeches about the policies they wish to create for AUPP. The gathering also featured local musical acts for student entertainment.

Today, Students wore a Krama, a traditional Cambodian garment, to show spirit. Tomorrow’s Spirit Day event is Career Day. Students will dress themselves in what they think they will wear when they start working after they graduate. Thursday will be Costume Day where students will dress up as whatever they like. Friday is Advocacy Day. Students will discuss the social concerns they have and advocate for their ideals toward health and safety.

It’s a week full of fun events for students. We’ll be sure to keep you updated!

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