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AUPP Seniors Share Internship Tips For Juniors

Internships are a proven way to gain relevant knowledge, skills, and experience while establishing important connections in the field of study. At AUPP students are required to complete their internships during the third year laying down a sound foundation which will benefit them in their chosen careers after graduation.

On January 10th, the Office of Student Affairs at AUPP organized a meeting between 4th year and 3rd year students to discuss a subject of internship programs. It provided the opportunity for some of our senior students to share their valuable experiences with junior students who are preparing for their internships. Our 3rd year students learned how to apply their knowledge, skills and abilities to a working environment enabling them the opportunity to develop the necessary job related practices to employers’ expectations.

The university believes that placing students in internships will also provide the students with added confidence as most internships train college students on-the-job and offer a fantastic learning experience for them to build on for their future. Additionally, internships enhance student development and professional growth while widening students’ understanding regarding the world of work and career options. Some internships are very competitive and students need to be well prepared for challenging interview as part of the selection process or internship positions. The students at AUPP are well prepared for their perspective internships and are looking forward to their future careers.

For the details about our Internship Program, please contact our Dr. Billie Slott, Director of Business Development, Office of Student Affairs via [email protected].

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