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AUPP Senior Student Interning at the Ministry of Commerce in Cambodia

Ms. Linda Peou, a senior majoring in Global Affairs at the American University of Phnom Penh (AUPP), is currently interning at the Ministry of Commerce’s Department of Europe, Middle East and Africa, and has been having an incredible internship experience there. She is highly determined to represent AUPP with her knowledge and skills acquired from her undergraduate study to the public administration and local community. Being an intern, she manages and facilitates numerous research and writing jobs, mostly related to diplomacy, trade relations and policy making. She is also in charge of some administrative works as well. Her internship allows her to attend several trainings from which she gains a deeper insight into how things work in the real world.

She believes that her internship greatly benefits her personal and professional growth. She enthusiastically states, “Doing an internship allows me to incorporate my academic attainments into professional work, build my confidence through collaborating with colleagues on assigned tasks, and maintain professional working relationships with colleagues. The internship also helps me to expand my professional branding and explore more about my passion. These are all the important criteria to transform my career life and ultimately, give me new perspectives for my personal growth.” On top of that, she has seen a significant improvement in her analytical, problem solving and communication skills.

Her internship experience has helped her to shape and discover her future goals. Through the internship, she is inspired to become one of the officials at the Ministry of Commerce. She continues to say, “I have discovered my potentials of pursuing my goals since this internship experience prepares me to be ready to compete in the job market, as I have already learned and understood a lot about trade, investment, development, economics, negotiations and cooperation related perspectives.” She has a tremendous appreciation for the Internship Program at AUPP.

Linda strongly encourages students to apply for internships because her internship has changed her to become a more competent individual. She suggests the future interns to be proactive with their time given and take the opportunity to learn and grow. She goes on to add, “You should always say hello and make friends to everyone you meet. Going to work is much more enjoyable when you are surrounded by people who you can joke and have fun with.” Last but not least, she would like to express her gratitude and thank everyone at the Ministry of Commerce for all their advice, correction, patience, and consideration towards her.

The Internship Program at AUPP offers students opportunities to experience a wide range of internships, both domestically and internationally, and is designed to provide a quality experience for AUPP students. Through internships, students are able to utilize what they have acquired through their academic program, hands-on in a professional environment. Additionally, the internships benefit self-development and professional growth of the students, which is critically important for their future endeavors in both academic and professional careers.

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