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AUPP Returning Students and Faculty Hold Networking Event

Standing on the edge of the Fall Semester, AUPP’s returning students met up at the Student Center to enjoy some food and chat with new and former faculty at AUPP. The event was organized by AUPP’s Student Government in order to allow all returning students to catch up with each other while most were away on during the optional Summer Semester. New and returning faculty were also invited to the event to get to know and chat with the students that they will be teaching in the upcoming Fall Semester which begins on August 29th for the returning students.

The event was a great way to end the week and prepare students for their next year of education. Everyone enjoyed a variety of food and “mocktails” provided by the Student Government and AUPP. The AUPP family of academics and students were “drunk with joy” to be able to mingle and network with each other after being apart for the duration of the Summer break.

We look forward to the oncoming year of education and research and wish our returning students and faculty the best of luck in their social and academic life. See you around the campus!

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