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AUPP Provides Real World Experience Through Internships and Study Abroad Programs

Dr. Siverts stated, “We work hard to give students a breadth of experience, not just on campus and in class, but in the real world so they are applying the learning.”

After earning a Bachelor’s Degree, it is necessary to have experience, coupled with knowledge of your desired skill or craft, in order to get hired in this increasingly globalized work environment. At AUPP, we offer the experience and knowledge needed to start a career in Cambodia and throughout the world. The education at AUPP will prepare you for, and enable you to, work in the global marketplace directly after earning your degree.

To read more about internships and study abroad opportunities, please visit AUPP’s Program Model page and explore the possibilities through our majors, Business, Law, Global Affairs, and IT Management.

Dr. Sharon Siverts
American University of Phnom Penh

Find the full article on The Phnom Penh Post’s webpage or in their issue from Friday, July 31, 2015.

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