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AUPP Produces Young Talented Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship, start-ups and innovation, these are some terminologies that the youth today aspires to achieve. Synonymous they maybe with success, but the actual conception and execution of a start-up isn’t an easy feat to conquer, nor a soothing fairy tale to tell. But when such a phenomenon does comes about, one should celebrate and praise. Likewise, American University of Phnom Penh’s very own Mr. Chren Panha Oudoum, a fourth year student majoring in Business Administration, would be one such phenomenon.

Mr. Chren Panha Oudoum is the founder of a fast-food restaurant like none other. If you have ever wondered on the possibility of eating your fries and at the same time drinking your soda from the same cup, but without the hassle of having to hold too many items in your hands, or wishing that you had a third arm, well look no further. This teen entrepreneur has the answers to your struggles. With an innovative tweak to the way fast-food can be served and eaten, this young man has brought about a revolution to the fast-food industry. Today, King Kup has been recognized as a favorite destination for children, teenagers, and adults alike. The food combo of French fries, hotdogs and chicken fries with a ‘tweak’ is what you should expect, and what you will be served.

After founding his restaurant, young Oudoum was motivated to join a Startup Fair, a competition among sustainable businesses in the nation. With a well-organized business plan, effective strategy and operational plan resulting from his smart leaderships and the way he differentiated his business, King Kup was awarded as one of the leading business model in terms of creativity and innovations from among 400 hundred business plans. This title was only fitting to this deserving recipient.

AUPP is extremely proud of Mr. Chren Panha Oudoum, who has epitomized what the university looks to nurture in all our students. Creativity, the drive, the hunger, we here at AUPP are committed to cultivating entrepreneurial drive in all our students by providing world-class education and mentor-ship to our students.

AUPP has been working enthusiastically with the Royal Government of Cambodia on Human Resources Development by offering quality higher education in the country. The quality of education we provide are at par with our counter-parts in the USA, Australia, UK, Canada and other developed nations. It has been our privilege to educate and groom such fine students and we are extremely proud of their achievements, and are always here to encourage and support them.

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