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AUPP President’s Message

The American University of Phnom Penh faculty and students wish all grade 12th students good luck on the Cambodian National High School Examination. We know you have studied hard and now have the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge. Be sure to get your rest and try to manage your stress. Please keep in mind that through your preparation for this exam, you have demonstrated self-discipline, motivation and endurance – all qualities that lead to a successful life. All of us at AUPP are cheering you on! AUPP is the only university in Cambodia offering fully accredited U.S. bachelor and Masters degrees. The university offers a rigorous American curriculum grounded in the culture of Cambodia. We are dedicated to increasing the intellectual capacity of students and guiding them to successful career pathways.

The AUPP Presidents message states that our professors hold Ph.D. degrees from America and Europe and have many years of experience in teaching and research. They apply modern teaching methods and technology to assure our students receive the same education as in the US. Our partner universities, the University of Arizona and Fort Hays State University, utilize their university professors to teach our dual degrees. When students complete their dual degrees they are awarded a bachelors from our U.S. partner and from AUPP. We provide students with a range of regional and international internships giving them real world experience as they prepare for their careers.  In the last two years our students have completed internships in New York, Paris, Singapore, Jakarta and with top-tier businesses, NGOs and government ministries in Cambodia.

AUPP also encourages students to participate in community service projects to rural communities and with elementary schools. Faculty-led student field trips visit Cambodian cultural sites as well specific trips focusing on science, law, architecture, history, arts, and many others. Our graduates are successful in gaining admission to top-tier U.S. universities Masters, Ph.D. and J.D. programs. Others have begun successful careers in business, government and with NGOs. As one of the most prestigious universities in Cambodia, the American University of Phnom Penh provides U.S. accredited, internationally based academic programs providing each student with the requisite skills in problem-solving, teamwork, communication and leadership to be in demand in the global workforce.

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