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AUPP Outstanding Law Students Competed in the World’s Largest Moot Court Competition

AUPP is very honored to have our outstanding law students competed in the world’s largest moot court competition.

The Jessup Competition has ended and the passionate journey of our AUPP’s Jessup team has come to an end. They started around June 2020 attending lectures on international law. When the Problem of the Competition was released in September, they began to conduct complicated legal research and apply their knowledge of international law through legal writing. By January 2021, the team submitted two ~40-page Memorials filled with legal arguments backed by credible sources.

After the strenuous legal drafting stage, the team geared up for oral arguments. They first joined the Regional Asia Rounds held by India. This was the team’s first experience in competing against international schools. The exposure gained in the Regional Asia Rounds prepared them for the Global Rounds. During the Global Rounds, the team faced off against outstanding law students from China, Indonesia, Russia, and the United States. They held their own and fended off complex legal questions that were designed to challenge them and tested their knowledge of international law from the judges. They handled the questions skillfully and presented their legal arguments in a concise and professional manner. We are very proud of their achievements and the fighting spirit they have shown.

Jessup enables law students to gain invaluable experience both in legal writing and oral arguments. Those who are interested in joining the 2022 Jessup Competition and competing on the world stage, stay tuned for more information from AUPP! 

AUPP congratulates our team:

  • Linna PEN – Captain
  • Malen LENG – Competitor
  • Oudomvichea KOUCH – Competitor
  • Pichpanharaksmey KRY – Competitor
  • Bunheng IN – Competitor
  • Sothie KEO – Coach
  • David MOSER – Advisor
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