Director of Quality Assurance

Position: Faculty Members
Supervisor: Vice-President of Academic & Student Affairs
Semester: Spring 2020 onwards
Position Type: Full-Time or Adjunct
Date: 21-Oct-2019 / 30-Oct-2019

Qualifications and Experience
To be eligible, a candidate:

    • Must have a Ph.D. or a Master’s in an appropriate discipline, from an American or other western universities.
    • Must have experience teaching in an appropriate discipline at an American or American-style university/institution.

Disciplines and Areas of Interests

    • IT/Computer Science
    • Civil Engineering
    • Law
    • Applied Mathematics
    • EAP

To Apply:
Interested candidate is required to submit the following documents to the Human Resources Office via [email protected]

    • A cover letter indicating the discipline(s)/area(s) applied for, preferred position type (full-time/adjunct), and availability.
    • Applicant’s resume, including a clear highlight of current occupation and relevant teaching experience and a list of three references.
    • A copy of applicant’s passport information page (for expat) or Khmer National ID Card (for Cambodian).
    • A copy of the highest relevant degree and the corresponding transcript. An official copy of the transcript will be required upon hire.
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