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AUPP Meets Students at US Education Fair Hosted by IDP

AUPP was invited to participate in the US Education Fair that was organized by IDP and held at the ACE Toul Tamping Campus. As a university partner, AUPP was able to participate in this event that was mainly reserved for Universities in the United States. The US Education Fair was organized in order for Cambodian students to find study abroad opportunities through US universities that had their representatives at the fair. Some of the most prominent ones were University of Colorado, Adelphi University, South Seattle College, SCAD, Southern New Hampshire University, University of Alabama, Kaplan International Colleges and many more.

AUPP was the only local university that participated due to its Dual Degree programs that allow Cambodian students to receive American dual bachelor degrees without having to leave Cambodia. For some this is an excellent option that allows them access to American degrees without the hassle of living in a foreign country and paying expensive tuition fees. But AUPP does not limit their students to only that option. Through various university partnerships that AUPP has established over the year, students from AUPP are able to transfer and continue their education at a variety of partner universities which also include our Dual Degree partner universities. Some students who have studied at AUPP for over two years have been able to transfer to universities in Massachusetts, Indiana, Ohio, California, New York as well as Australia, Japan and New Zealand to continue their education abroad. Transfer opportunities with AUPP are available for semester basis as well as for continuing higher education to achieve a Master’s degree. Being able to participate in IDP’s US Education Expo allowed AUPP to meet a variety of Cambodian students and help them with understanding their higher education options both in Cambodia and abroad.

Whether students are looking to study abroad or receive American quality education in Cambodia, AUPP is able to offer both options to the Cambodian youth. Visit the AUPP campus and talk to one of our representatives for more info.

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