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AUPP Law alumna, Sokunthyda Long, passed the New York State Bar Exam!

Congratulations to Sokunthyda Long, our outstanding AUPP Law alumna, on her recent success! Sokunthyda passed the New York State Bar Exam recently. From dual degrees at AUPP and the University of Arizona to graduating with honors from Georgetown Law, her journey showcases the excellence nurtured at AUPP.

Since 2022, Sokunthyda has contributed her legal expertise as an intern at Thomson Reuters. Her achievements highlight not only her dedication but also the quality education and supportive faculty at AUPP. The dual-degree program laid a robust foundation for her studies at Georgetown Law, emphasizing the enduring impact of an AUPP education.

Sokunthyda Long stated that the dual-degree program with AUPP and UofA gave her a concrete foundation for the LL.M. program at Georgetown Law, familiarizing herself with common law, civil law and international law. Studying for the bar exam was extremely challenging due to the format differences compared to law school exams. However, AUPP, UofA and Georgetown Law have all taught her to be able to write succinct legal essays and put her in a comfortable position when sitting for the bar exam.

She continued “One of the things I am most grateful for while studying at AUPP is the diverse and friendly faculty, even outside the law program. The professors encouraged and supported me throughout the program, while some stayed in touch, wrote strong letters of recommendations for me, continuously mentor me in my career paths, and are always open to questions I have even years after graduation.”

To current law students at AUPP, take pride in the exceptional opportunities and guidance available. Sokunthyda’s success underscores the transformative power of an AUPP education, preparing you for a successful career in law. Congratulations again to Sokunthyda Long on her well-deserved achievements!

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