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AUPP Helping Teachers in Lao PDR

AUPP Helping Teachers in Lao PDR through Collaboration with AUPP Teachers

AUPP helping teachers in Lao PDR through collaboration efforts by Dr. Steven Graham.  Dr. Graham spent the end of February in Laos as part of a project to help teachers discuss and scrutinized new ideas collaboratively in a supportive environment. This project is part of an initiative set up by the Japanese Association of Language Teachers (JALT).

One day was spent at Dong Bang Secondary School with Mr. Thavon where new styles of teaching were explored and implemented.  Then they moved on to Bankuen Teacher Training College, where teachers and students took part in a range of activities to expose them to different teaching styles and methodologies. The last day was spent at Magic Palms School in high school classrooms, demonstrating different activities to the teachers and students.

AUPP has supported this program for four years, and Dr. Graham looks forward to taking this project forward in the future and introducing more professional teachers to the idea that teachers can help teachers in a variety of supportive, collaborative and cooperative ways.

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