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AUPP Has Many Things to Offer to Students for their Growth!

Chap Chanmanith, a senior student majoring in Information Technology Management, has shared his insights on why Information Technology Management is his choice at AUPP. Read about his interview below:

1. Why did you choose ITM major at AUPP (American University of Phnom Penh)? 

There are a couple of reasons why I chose to pursue ITM at AUPP. First and foremost, when I look around myself, everything around us, every part of our lives, and every sector of our world are influenced by TECHNOLOGY. IT (Information Technology) is everywhere, and it helps change the world to become a much better and easier place to live. We are living in the tech age, and I believe that stepping in the path of this technological field would help change my life, my family, and my society.  

If you want to become a creator, an inventor, or a person who can make small or big impacts on the world, IT is the best choice to start the journey. Choosing a university was an extremely complicated decision to make. However, after I have received very insightful details about this major and its special program, which is the Dual Degree programs, I have decided to come here. With only four years of studying for the bachelor’s degree at AUPP, I will be able to obtain two degrees offered by AUPP and Fort Hays State University. I will not have to study abroad and handle all expensive tuition fees and living expenses. AUPP has many things to offer to students for them to grow, change to be better, and achieve their future goals. 

2. Tell us more about your AUPP academic experience?

I would like to begin that, throughout these past few years at AUPP, there were many fruitful and amazing experiences that I gained from all the activities at AUPP, both academically and non-academically. I am so glad to be part of the AUPP community, everyone is behaving like a family. I received so much support from the faculty, staff members, my professor, and my fellow colleagues who have been immensely helpful to everyone and we want to see ourselves grow and be our better selves. To sum up, AUPP has changed my life, and I now understand myself more clearly and this is essential for my future career. 

3. What is your recommendation/advice for recent high school graduates who want to choose IT?

First of all, follow your heart, and if your heart is passionate about technology, please go for IT or Computer Science. Cambodia is in demand of people to specialize in this field because we can make our country better and advance with tech. Please do not get too worried or scared about pursuing your study in this field as most are saying it is a difficult major and requires excellent math understanding. That is not true and that cannot stop you from achieving your own success with your own passion. Everyone starts from zero and zero will become one when you are doing it. There are so numerous things to explore and learn in this tech world. Thus, if you want to become good at IT, you need to understand briefly about it, seek advice and information from people who are currently in this field, and try to engage yourselves in any activity that is related to it. 

4. How did AUPP help you to succeed? 

As I have mentioned in the above questions. AUPP changed my life from being an introverted person who is very quiet and always staying in my comfortable circle to becoming a better version of me. I have received tremendous support from my professors, my classmates, and my seniors who always give inspiration and motivation to challenge myself into doing the things I did not expect myself to be doing right now. I have been involved with many club activities that lead me to land many leaderships roles in creating my own club, holding several positions in the AUPP Student Government, and there are more. 

5. Why should new students choose AUPP?

I would say deciding to study at AUPP is the best choice that you will be making because AUPP has so many things to offer to its students for them to achieve their dreams and goals. AUPP has the best dual degree programs that are partnering with top universities in the U.S. We are studying with an American curriculum and many expertise professors from around the world. I am sure that you will have many great experiences studying at AUPP. 

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