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Over the week of September 7th, AUPP representatives visited Vientiane, Laos in order to study the country’s schools and educational styles.

AUPP President, Dr. Sharon Siverts, and AUPP Founders, Dr. Chea Vandeth and Dr. Kem Reat Viseth, visited high schools and colleges in Vientiane to get an idea about the educational methods in Laos. AUPP met with various founders, owners, directors, teachers, and students about future collaboration between Cambodia and Laos in order to nurture full development into the ASEAN Economic Integration.

Dr. Sharon Siverts stated that “full cooperation is necessary between the countries of Southeast Asia in order to create a stable and successful marketplace.” She went on to say that education is the necessary starting point.

AUPP also had the honor of meeting the Deputy Minister of Education and Sports of the Lao PDR. AUPP spoke with the Deputy Minister about various opportunities including study abroad programs, transfer opportunities, scholarship collaboration, and more in order to improve the quality of the educated youth graduating from their university of choice.

The visit was successful in gathering people together to create a strong platform to further educational opportunities in the future. AUPP continues to serve the public interests by creating partnerships in the private and public sectors in order to strengthen the youth for the future of the ASEAN region.

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