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AUPP English Placement Test

AUPP is committed to student success. All classes are taught in English. Students need to be proficient and confident enough in their abilities to undertake an entire curriculum in English. This university uses a series of placement tests to evaluate students’ English skills and place them in appropriate classes if they do not have the required IELTS or TOEFL scores. 

1. Essay (35 mins)

To succeed in collegiate coursework, students must be able to write in English at a high level. University courses require students to not only comprehend readings and lectures, but also to critically analyze what they are learning and present insightful, researched ideas in writing. AUPP requires applicants to write an essay to assess their writing abilities. Students are given 35 minutes to read a prompt, consider the questions asked, and present a response in a clear, well-organized essay. The writing assessment evaluates the following skills: grammar and punctuation; organizational skills; vocabulary; and the use of evidence, specific details, and critical thinking.

2. Oral Interview (5-10 mins)

The interview is used to assess the following listening and speaking skills: comprehension; grammar and vocabulary; pronunciation and clarity; and the use of critical thinking and complex thoughts. This test may be conducted in person or via a video call on the day of the test. 

3. Accuplacer (Untimed)

The Accuplacer test is used to give the university an indication of an applicant’s overall English language ability. It is a multiple-choice test developed by The College Board, a recognized and widely used testing agency in the United States. The test consists of 3 sections: reading comprehension, sentence skills, and language in use. On average, it takes approximately 2 hours to complete. 

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