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AUPP Builds Community with Habitat for Humanity Cambodia

Today, Friday, October 9th, AUPP joined together with other community leaders to sponsor and volunteer for Habitat for Humanity Cambodia’s “Community Build” in the Bek Chan Community in Kandal Province.

Fifteen (15) AUPP students and staff members joined the event as volunteers alongside other schools including CIA First and Northbridge International School Cambodia. Activities focused around building a stronger and cleaner community for those in need. Volunteers aided in painting houses, leveling surfaces, picking up garbage, and teaching children about hygiene.

The event organizers provided drinks and snacks to the volunteers as well as the local residents. Everyone worked well together in order to complete the tasks for the day. AUPP students said that the work was hot and difficult, but worth the struggle in order to help the community. “We feel tired, physically, and energetic, mentally,” stated Srey Santewath, AUPP student. Another student responded, “Yes, and now we’re going back to AUPP to study with this energy.”

AUPP was proud to have helped sponsor and volunteer for the event beside other community leaders. Putting money back into the community is wonderful, but putting time and effort into the community is even better. AUPP urges all schools, businesses, and individuals to give back to their community in any way possible.

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