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AUPP Attends ACC National Dissemination Workshop

President Sharon Siverts and Vice President Bill Heidcamp attended the Accreditation Committee of Cambodia dissemination workshop on March 13 and 14 in Siem Reap. The workshop focused on a discussion of the new Standards for institutional accreditation, which was most helpful to AUPP as it prepares its documentation for seeking ACC accreditation.

President Siverts gave a summary of key points from the workshop to all participants, specifically focusing on the importance of accreditation, the relevance of the Standards, and outlined an internal process for the accreditation process. Further, she focused on the importance of each institution ‘telling their own story,’ providing relevant information and institutional data in response to the Standards.

Dr. Siverts is a Technical Consultant to the Accreditation Committee of Cambodia. AUPP is committed to national and international accreditation of the institution and its programs.

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