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AUPP Architecture Club Successfully Organized the First Phnom Penh Architecture Cyclo Tour

The American University of Phnom Penh (AUPP) is proud of the AUPP Architecture Club for successfully organizing “The Phnom Penh Architecture Cyclo Tour” on 19th February 2022. The club collaborated with the Khmer Architectural Tour Organization and the Cambodia Cyclo Association, with various groups of participants from the American University of Phnom Penh, AUPP High School, and public participants as well.

Cyclo is one of Cambodia’s traditional modes of transportation which provides a fun and easy way for people to visit the different landscapes and views in Phnom Penh. During the tour, participants explored and learned more about the architecture in Phnom Penh including colonial buildings, post-independence architecture, local and modern buildings, French areas, Post Office, and more heritages buildings.

This event was more than just an architectural tour. It was a chance to give back and promote the Cyclo community. Besides that, most of the participants had experienced their first-time visits to the very rich architecture buildings with Cambodia’s traditional transportation, Cyclo. All the profits from the tour were donated to the Cyclo driver.

AUPP extends appreciation and support to our students including their extracurricular club activities. Besides academic studies, AUPP students can experience and get involved with the community, which supports our AUPP values of Diversity, equity, cultural heritages, and Social Responsibility.

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