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AUPP: A University of Choice

It is not a surprise that Cambodian students are thinking of taking their education studies abroad after high school, considering it as a better choice with better education standards, but the perception is now changing.

Students are now seeking universities in Cambodia, but are looking for the same quality education as they would receive overseas.

Len Sievlan, a second year student at the American University of Phnom Penh (AUPP) said prior to coming to study at AUPP, she was thinking of pursuing her studies abroad, believing good education could only be obtained there.

“I thought good education was only available abroad however AUPP has proven me wrong, and coming to AUPP has changed my life,” she said.

Sievlan who is majoring in Global Affairs at AUPP said, “Now, I am walking a very different path for my future. I have moved from a path with limited career opportunities to one with unlimited future prospects. From unclear goals to a clear direction with planned outcomes, all with the guidance of AUPPs experienced faculty and student councilors.”

Echoing Sievlan’s praise, Kaknika Lin who spent a number of years studying in Singapore was actually preparing to attend the Manchester University in England, but, after visiting AUPP at their campus, made the decision to come to AUPP based on the quality of the faculty and the dedication of all the staff she met there.

Kaknika, who is a third-year Law student, said there is no difference from what she was learning in Singapore to what she is learning at AUPP but she gains more by being here in her own country and where she can experienced an American-style education and save money for her family by not having the additional costs and expenses associated with learning overseas.

“Courses at AUPP allow me to learn about the world through many perspectives and with the benefit of learning and experiencing more about Cambodia. If I had attended a University overseas, I wouldn’t be able to gain hands-on knowledge and experience about my own country at the same time,” she said.

“I realized that this is especially important for my subject, Law, where it will benefit my future career in many ways. I am more knowledgeable on the current events in Cambodia and due to the experience of studying with AUPP, I can also direct my career to have international focus,” she added.

More importantly, she claimed, studying at AUPP saves her family from spending thousands of dollars for additional tuition fees and living expenses while she gets the same knowledge and education quality as if she studied abroad.

Just two years after it was established, AUPP has already become the university of choice not only for Cambodians, but also for a number of foreign students who now study there.

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