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AUPP 2020 Student Government

AUPP Student Government 2020 6th Mandate

Join us in welcoming the AUPP Student Government 2020 6th Mandate. And thank you to the 2019 5th mandates of the AUPP student government for their outstanding work!

AUPP’s Student Government plays a vital role as the voice of AUPP’ study body. The Student Government helps share the students’ interests, ideas, and concerns with AUPP management, faculty, and staff, and is directly involved in the implementation of school activities. This may include helping funds and organizing social events, community projects, student-run parties, and more. A democratic process issued to make decisions for possible implementation. Under the advisor, Director of Student Affairs, the Student Government continues to provide AUPP’s student body with impeccable leadership and teamwork skills to help enhance the AUPP experience and advocate for all AUPP students.

Student Government representatives are chosen by the entire student body. Students who are members of the Student Government gain firsthand experience in the democratic process, civic responsibilities, leadership, program solving, effective communication, and teamwork. In addition, Student Government members partake in leadership and teamwork building workshops to enhance their capacity to create social change and make AUPP the best environment to grow and develop for the future.

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