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August 2016 Student Affairs Newsletter

Alas, summer is nearly over and all you students who weren’t enrolled in any of our summer programs will be thinking about your return to AUPP at the end of the month, following your long summer break. Well, fear not, we have some absolutely AMAZING things to look forward to this year – here are some to get you started…..

Over the summer a number of AUPP students took part in our Internship Program. This was a great success and we have made some excellent contacts (and excellent impressions) around the city, so if you are due to do an internship next year it will be epic!!

Another new initiative in Fall will be a designated online platform which all students will have access to (through AUPP’s website) which will be the Student Portal. This will store information such as: your personal details, academic record, schedule and grades.

STUDENT GOVERNMENT may be taking a trip Stateside this semester to attend a Student Government conference  in LA where they can pick up some tips on how to best represent the student body. Plans for the trip are in progress!

Student Government will be launching a new student led guest lecture series in the Fall Semester, so stay tuned for more information!

Please note that all Clubs will need to re-register at the start of Fall Semester, as well as new ones you may wish to create. A paper form will be available from Student Affairs.  In the meantime, did you know that the Soccer Club play every Saturday? Why not head down and take a look sometime. They would love your support!

REMEMBER – refer your friends to AUPP and get credit in return if they are accepted!!

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