Aruna Shankar

Aruna Shankar

Email:[email protected]

Position: Assistant Professor, ITM

Department: Academic Affairs – ITM

Ms. Aruna Shankar is working as an Assistant Professor at AUPP of the Information Technology and Management Department. She has earned two bachelors Bachelor of Computer Application and Bachelor of Information Technology(B.Tech) and one Master’s in Engineering discipline – Master of computer science Engineering from Annauniversity, Chennai, India. Ms. Shankar has a background of working as a Software Engineer in various Projects for nearly 8 years and also a BlockChain Developer. She also worked in R & D software projects in corporate which induced her research skill more and joined as an assistant professor to build a bridge between the software industry and the educational institution with her research ideas. She also worked as a Lecturer of the Software Engineering Department in one of the universities in Cambodia. Furthermore, she is also interested in intensive internship related to teaching and innovative teaching methods.

Area of Interest: Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Biomedical System, Bioinformatics.

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