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Adjusting to Education Abroad

International study presents a unique set of adjustment challenges. Social adjustment to a new cultural environment is a critical, yet often an overlooked factor for academic success when studying abroad.

To gain insights into the influence of social adjustment on academic success in the international arena, a special panel has been invited to AUPP for a round Table Discussion on Coping With The Social Challenges of Studying Abroad. The discussion will be moderated by Dr. Kheang.

The Panel included local Khmer academics who have obtained their degrees abroad and include: Samphors Sar, Dr. Sokbunthoeun So, Dr Kimchoeun Pak and AUPP’s Professor Dr. Kheang Un. The panel were happy to give AUPP students insight into their struggle and success with applying for scholarships and attending schools in foreign countries.

Many AUPP students were eager to listen in and ask questions as many have plans of their own to attend schools in USA and other foreign countries. Some of our new students have already begun preparing for education abroad as AUPP offers automatic transfer and exchange studies with AUPP’s partner institutions abroad.

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