Academic Calendar 2020 – 2021


Fall 2020 (Continuing/New Freshmen, EPP):

(August 19, 2020 to December 18, 2020)

August 2020

Aug 19                         First day of Class for Continuing Students

September 2020

Sept 16-18                   Pchum Ben (Campus closed)
Sept 24                        Constitutional Day (Campus closed)

October 2020

Oct 7-8:                       Advising days
Oct 12:                        First day of Class for New Freshmen & EPP
Oct 15:                        Commemoration Day of Former King Norodom Sihanouk (Campus closed)
Oct 29:                        Coronation Day of King Norodom Sihamoni (Campus closed)
Oct 30-Nov 1:              Water Festival (Campus closed)

November 2020

Nov 9:                          Independence Day (Campus closed)
Nov 26:                        Advising days – New Freshmen

December 2020

Dec 16-18:                 Final Exams
Dec 18:                      Last day of Fall semester for All students
Dec 25:                      Christmas Day (Campus closed)
Dec 21-Jan 8:            Holiday break (No classes, Campus open)

Spring 2021: (January 11, 2021 to May 7, 2021)

January 2021

Jan 1:                           International New Year Day (Campus closed)

Jan 7:                           Victory over Genocide Day (Campus closed)

Jan 11:                         First day of Class for Spring 2021 – All Students

February 2021

Feb 12:                        Chinese New Year – AUPP holiday (Campus closed)

March 2021

Mar 8:                         International Women’s Day (Campus closed)

April 2021

Apr 13-16:                   Khmer New Year (Campus closed)

May 2021

May 3-7:                      Final Exams
May 6:                         Visak Bochea Day (Campus closed)
May 7:                         Last day of Spring semester for All students
May 10:                       Royal Plowing Ceremony Day (Campus closed)
May 14:                       King Norodom Sihamoni’s birthday (Campus closed)
May 17:                       First day of Class for Summer I 2021

Summer 2021: (May 17, 2021 to August 20, 2021)

June 2021

Jun 18:                         Queen Mother’s birthday (Campus closed)
Jun 30:                         Final Exams and Summer I Ends

July 2021

Jul 1:                            First day of Class for Summer II 2021

August 2021

Aug 20:                        Final Exams and Summer II Ends

2020-21 AUPP Public & Religious Holidays (Campus closed)

September 16-18th (Wed-Fri)Pchum Ben Days3
September 24th (Thu)Constitutional Day1
October 15th (Thu)Commemoration Day of Former King Norodom Sihanouk1
October 29th (Thu)Coronation Day of King Norodom Sihamoni1
October 30th (Fri)Water Festival1
November 9th (Mon)Independence Day1
December 25th (Fri)Christmas Day1
January 1st (Fri)International New Year Day1
January 7th (Thu)Victory over Genocide Day1
February 12th (Fri)Chinese New Year & AUPP holiday1
March 8th (Mon)International Women’s Day1
April 13-16th (Tue-Fri)Khmer New Year4
May 6th (Thu)Visak Bochea Day1
May 10th (Mon)Royal Plowing Ceremony Day1
May 14th (Fri)King Norodom Sihamoni’s birthday1
June 18th (Fri)Queen Mother’s birthday1